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How does the Internet work?

Imagine a global network of cables that connects your computer or phone to this very website or to the game server so you can play with your friends, or to the mail server so you can check your emails. This is possible by moving data through that network of cables, which is the Internet.

Simply put, the Internet is a connected network of cables where data can move through it so you can access websites, watch videos, chat and play with your friends. However, moving data is the tricky part and it can be slow due to many factors.

Could my ISP slow me down with wrong routing? or other reasons?

Why so slow?

Let's say you are in Dubai and trying to reach a certain website in the UK, you type the website address and your browser requests that website to send you a copy of the web page in a form of packets through a routing network but instead of taking a short route to Europe, the packets travel to India then pass by the US and from there to the other side of the ocean until it reaches the website server in the UK.

This can cause your data to travel through an overloaded or congested network, taking more than three times the average duration required. The culprit behind this unnecessary delay could be an outdated or poorly configured routing table. Also, there are routes that are faster than others due to the fact that the internet itself is faster in some countries than others.

What can Barq Speed offer me?

We offer you a connection to one of the best networks on the Internet. Through our network, you can have access to:

The best routing rules for your internet queries, fast DNS servers that are multiple times more rapid than your ISP's. data compression to reduce your data consumption, and accelerate transfer speeds between our servers and your computer and, data encryption to protect your privacy and secure your connection while surfing the web.

That's it?

Of course not! Since you’re connected to the Internet through our servers, you get to use the blazing-fast and super secure SmokeV2 protocol. So, you gain faster and highly secure Internet browsing in countless ways, plus:

Your digital fingerprint is minimized to the limit that your ISP won’t even know what you are doing online and;

You will enjoy Internet freedom and access to any website. Audio/video “VoIP” calls will be available and you can also BBC iPlayer or stream Netflix US, UK, and many more.

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